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How to Use Video to Attract and Convert Prospective Learners

Paul Gannon
01 Mar 2017
10:00 am - 10:50 am

How to Use Video to Attract and Convert Prospective Learners

Video is the fastest growing marketing medium today, but many education businesses—often wary of potential expense and complexity—have been slow to embrace it as a way to market their educational offerings. Others have made the leap only to find that they are not getting the expected results: even if they manage to get viewers, those viewers are not converting into course registrants or event attendees.

This session will focus on low-cost, low-complexity ways to create brief marketing videos—including, but not limited to, learner testimonials—for your educational offerings. More importantly, it will provide practical guidance on how to create videos that will pull prospective learners in and get them to actually take action. Participants will leave this session with concrete tips that they can put to work immediately in creating videos to promote their upcoming courses and events.

Paul Gannon, a video content marketing pioneer, will lead this session. Read Paul’s full bio.