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Measure Well: Hacking Learning Analytics

Brian McGowan
02 Mar 2017
1:00 pm -1:50 pm

Measure Well: Hacking Learning Analytics

With billions of dollars being spent on training and professional development and with increasing pressures being applied to training departments to do more with less, the need to impact knowledge, attitudes, skills, and performance is greater than ever. This can be overwhelming at times and has led many groups to commit to dramatic changes in staff, organization roles, and new technology—unfortunately, some appear to be changing for change’s sake. For many groups the real need is to simply measure better or differently.

This session will be an interactive, practical tour of existing learning outcomes models (Moore’s, Miller’s, Kirkpatrick’s, etc.), along with a few novel approaches, so that we can identify a “work smarter, not harder” approach to learning analytics. Participants will share their best hack for learning analytics, and we will work collaboratively to anchor the best ideas to credible outcomes models.

A passionate advocate for the meaningful use of analytics to improve learning, Brian McGowan will lead this session. Read Brian’s full bio.