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Content Pods: Boosting Engagement, Flipping, and Cutting-Edge Tech

Diane Elkins
18 May 2016
10:15 am - 12:00 pm
CC1, NRECA Conference Center

Content Pods: Boosting Engagement, Flipping, and Cutting-Edge Tech

This session, emceed by Celisa Steele, consists of three Content Pods (approximately 15 to 20 minutes each) and ample time for Q&A after each.

Design Tips to Dramatically Boost Course Engagement

A focus on the most practical and essential content may be the starting point for a great course–but it isn’t enough. To create a successful learning experience, you have to engage the learners. This Content Pod will use a makeover done for the American Red Cross–converting a three-hour, bullet-driven Webinar to an award-winning, self-paced e-learning course–to show you seven specific tips you can use to boost engagement. These tips on everything from the use of stories and practice activities to effective use of visuals will apply to classroom, Webinars, and self-paced e-learning design.

This Content Pod will be delivered by Diane Elkins. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience in the e-learning industry, Diane’s tips for improving course engagement are field-tested. Read Diane’s full bio.

To Flip or Flop? Best Practices Learned Over Three Years of Flipping Educational Interventions

Flipped education has generated significant buzz in recent years. And rightly so—educational planners can tap new value by designing blended, connected, and agile learning experiences. Drawing on data from three years of flipped workshops for audiences both large and small, this Content Pod will feature lessons learned about how to make the most of the model, explore best practices, and identify the most critical challenges and most significant opportunities related to a flipped educational design.

Brian McGowan will deliver this Content Pod. A research scientist and educational technologist, Brian has designed, implemented, and evaluated multiple educational interventions that involve flipping. Read Brian’s full bio.

On the Horizon: Cutting-Edge Technologies Coming Your Way

Practicality and realism are essential when thinking about how your organization can use technology for learning. But as important is a sense of what’s on the horizon: the technologies that can disrupt and irrevocably change how we live and learn. This Content Pod will explore three cutting-edge developments in technology–the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality–and how they might impact the business of lifelong learning in the years ahead.

Celisa Steele, who makes it her business to think about the big-picture implications of technology for learning, will deliver this Content Pod. Read Celisa’s full bio.