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Chunk Flip Guide Laugh: Creating Learning Tools That Lead to Action

Nancy Bacon
01 Feb 2018
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern

Chunk Flip Guide Laugh: Creating Learning Tools That Lead to Action

Those of us who teach adults face a daunting task. We often must cover large amounts of content with people who have limited time and lots of distractions. The learners we serve bring different sets of experiences and emotions to the topic at hand, and we must do our best to meet them where they are. At the same time, a lot is riding on our success—how well workers work, volunteers serve, and leaders lead.

Chunk Flip Guide Laugh is a design process that challenges us to rethink the learning tools we create to move people to action. It puts the learner at the center and breaks down effective learning into four “pathways”—chunk, flip, guide, and laugh—which, through examples and case studies, you’ll learn to apply to your own work.

As a working example, we’ll look at how a nonprofit state association created a set of action-focused learning tools aimed at busy volunteers. You’ll hear the story behind how that association turned “as fun as a root canal” nonprofit finance into Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits (FUN) starring an improv actor. You’ll also see how they used a similar discovery method to develop a board toolkit that is finding its way into board meetings across the state of Washington.

While we’ll use the specific examples to show how the process works, the overall approach applies to nearly any learning experience you need to create. As an active participant, you’ll leave this session with a model for content creation and examples to guide you in development of your own action-inducing learning tools.

This workshop will be led by Nancy Bacon, who developed Chunk Flip Guide Laugh and has been using the process in her role as director of learning and engagement at Washington Nonprofits. Read Nancy’s full bio.