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What Learning • Technology • Design is, who should participate, and why we started the event

Learning • Technology • Design™ (LTD) is a virtual conference designed specifically for professionals in the business of continuing education and professional development. The goal of the event is to help attendees find new and better ways to engage learners and create lasting impact through the effective use of technology.

Live sessions for LTD 2018 were held throughout the month of February, entirely online. Registration for LTD 2018 provides access to recordings from all of the live sessions as well as to the online community – including active discussion boards – for the experience. 

LTD recorded sessions cover topics key to the success of a learning business, like effective marketing, designing for learner engagement, and learning business strategy. The sessions  emphasize case studies and actionable approaches to technology-enabled and technology-enhanced learning, and are led primarily by practitioners who live and breathe professional development, continuing education, and lifelong learning, day in and day out.

Read about the program to learn more about the topics and issues addressed by LTD 2018.

“The LTD virtual conference was a high-quality experience—the speakers and content were great. For a small nonprofit, the virtual experience allows us to get more education than if we had to travel…a real time saver.”

Kathy Nicholson, Director of Education, Iowa Society of CPAs
Kathy Nicholson
Because learning is social, we know it matters who participates in Learning • Technology • Design and who has shaped the event.

Who Should Participate

Learning • Technology • Design is for anyone who works in the business of lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development and who wants to find better ways to engage learners and create lasting impact through the effective use of technology. The content is most suited for individuals at an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge when it comes to the use of technology to enable and enhance learning. While we do not necessarily discourage beginners from participating, we will not cover basic terminology (e.g., learning content management system or SCORM) or basic concepts (e.g., hybrid events or blended learning) during the sessions.


We hand-selected the people who will lead sessions at Learning • Technology • Design 2018, and we chose to focus on practitioners—individuals intimate with the nuances of running and working in a learning business. We chose them for their experience and expertise in particular topics as well as their awareness of the importance of facilitation to engage participants in meaningful interaction to create true learning. To acknowledge the experience, expertise, and the facilitation skills of these people, we call them speaker-facilitators.

Read about about the speaker-facilitators.

We decided to hold Learning • Technology • Design because we saw a gap.

There are many good conferences that focus on the role of technology in learning education, but nearly all are aimed at corporations or academic institutions. While some events aimed at the association sector provide content related to learning and technology, the selection is usually quite limited and not the primary focus of these events.

Learning • Technology • Design was born of the recognition that organizations in the business of lifelong learning have different needs than their corporate and academic counterparts. Moreover, given that we are living in the midst of a massive, technology-fueled shift in the learning landscape, it is past time for a technology-focused event for organizations in the lifelong learning business. Learning • Technology • Design is that event.

In 2016, Learning • Technology • Design was held as a two-day, face-to-face event. In 2017, it was held as a three-day virtual conference—offered entirely online—expanding the event’s reach and hewing even closer to the goal of exploring the effective use of technology for learning. In 2018, Learning • Technology • Design expands to a month-long, online format, allowing more time for reflection and application of ideas while allowing participants to keep up with demands at the office.

Read what past participants have to say about the value of Learning • Technology • Design.

“LTD was time well spent! The quality of the presentations, the practical applications, and the actionable ideas are already making a difference in our education.”

Jessica Pagel, eLearning Manager, American Industrial Hygiene Association
Jessica Pagel

And we're uniquely qualified to fill the gap.

Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele

Tagoras is uniquely qualified to convene Learning • Technology • Design:

  • We’ve built, implemented, and used a wide range of learning technologies.
    Tagoras co-founders Celisa Steele and Jeff Cobb personally designed and oversaw the development of Isoph Blue, the first learning management system (LMS) designed specifically to integrate with membership management systems and support the sale and tracking of continuing education products.
  • We’ve worked in the education business for more than two decades.
    We started as teachers, then turned founders of a learning platform and course development company that we successfully grew and sold, and now work with organizations in the learning business.
  • We conduct original research and publish.
    We publish some of the only research and reports available on topics specific to the effective use of technology by organizations in the business of continuing education and professional development. Our publications include Association Learning + Technology, Association Virtual Events, Social Learning Trends in the Association Space, and Leading the Learning Revolution.
  • We’re in the learning business ourselves.
    We understand the challenges and opportunities intimately. We deliver sponsored Webinars, sell online courses, manage an online community of practice, and host a variety of face-to-face events. We leverage technology to support and enhance all these activities.

In short, we have the experience and expertise to ensure an event like Learning • Technology • Design will be as compelling and useful as possible for participants.

If you aren’t already familiar with us (or even if you are), you can find out more about who we are, the wide range of organizations we have served, and the background of our principals, Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, on the Tagoras Web site.